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What type of aircraft do you use?

Overland Airways currently has in its fleet‚ two (02) B1900D‚ two (02) ATR42-320‚ one(01) ATR 42-300‚ one (01) ATR 72-202 and one (1) Embraer E-175 Aircraft.

The Beech 1900D is an executive aircraft that possesses amongst other distinct features‚ extensive passenger legroom‚ luxurious cabin interiors and comfortable leather seats. Every seat in this aircraft model is a window seat.

The ATR 42-320 is one of the most successful regional turbo prop aircraft in the air transport industry and is most suitable for the twenty-first century traveler. It also possesses unique characteristics of high technology‚ comfort and reliability in a spacious‚ soundproofed and luxurious cabin environment.

The ATR72 aircraft has a single class cabin with easy aisle access to every seat. The aircraft offers passengers greatly enhanced on-board comfort and significantly reduced noise level.

The Embraer E-175 offers enhanced comfort. Its interior is meticulously designed with a focus on spaciousness‚ featuring an executive cabin including ample legroom‚ plush seating‚ and a premium ambience ensuring a delightful travel experience for every passenger on board


What is the passenger capacity of the Beechcraft 1900D?
The Beech 1900D model has an eighteen (18) seat configuration.


What is the passenger capacity of the ATR42-320?
The ATR42-320 series has a forty-eight (48) seat configuration


What is the passenger capacity of the ATR72?
The ATR72 series has a sixty-eight (68) seat configuration

What is the passenger capacity of the Embraer E-175?
The Embraer E-175 series has a Eighty-eight (88) seat configuration

What are your routes?
Overland Airways currently operates to the following locations: Abuja‚ Akure‚ Dutse‚ Ibadan‚ Ilorin‚ Jalingo‚ Lagos‚ Warri and Gombe.

We are scheduled to commence Phase II of our route expansion plans to cover Port Harcourt‚ Benin‚ Makurdi‚ Sokoto‚ Enugu‚ Owerri and other areas of Nigeria soon.


Do you give Discount for Children?
Yes‚ we offer 25% discounted rates for children to preferred destination. However‚ infants (less than two year olds) are entitled to 90% ticket rebate to preferred destination.


What is your rebate policy?
Rebate tickets are confirmed subject to seat availability.


Do you fly direct to Abuja from Lagos?
We do not operate direct scheduled flights from Lagos to Abuja presently.

Our flight schedule on this route is: Lagos - Ilorin - Abuja


Do you depart on Schedule?


What is the maximum kilogram of luggage allowed per passenger?
23kg of luggage per passenger.


How much do you charge for excess Luggage?
N1000 (One Thousand Naira) flat rate is charged per kilogram(kg) on excess luggage


Do you carry Cargo?
Yes‚ we accept cargo. For cargo services‚ please call 08035355005/6.


Do you do charter and how much do you charge?
Yes‚ we provide charter services. However‚ charter costs are dependent upon preferred destination‚ applicable airport and navigational charges. For charter enquiries‚ call 08037007020


Do you fly On Weekends?
Yes we operate weekend (Sat & Sun) flights on the following routes: kindly visit our flight schedule (Here)


How long does it take to hold my bookings?

Bookings can be held for only 30mins after which same is cancelled if payment is not made during this period


Can reservations be made at the airport?

Yes‚ you can make reservations at the airport. Check our Station and City Ticketing Offices to see the nearest station to you.


How can I request for my refund?

Kindly send a mail to to request for a refund.


What is your charge for No Show and cancellation policy?

We charge 25% for No Show and Cancellation of ticket


Can I change my flight date on your website?

Please be informed that changes cannot be made on the website. However‚ you can send your change request to and/or call 08035355005/6‚ 07038225811 and 08035355100 for more enquiries.


Can I transfer my ticket to someone else‚ if I’m not using it?

Please note that our tickets are not transferrable. If you would not be using your ticket‚ it is advised that you leave it opened for future use or request a refund. Please send a mail to and/or call 08035355005/6‚ 07038225811 and 08035355100 for more enquiries.


Can I change the name on my ticket?

Please be informed that we do not process name change on our tickets.